I think about you 24/7 and pray for your health and happiness.with a lot of love. I spell my love for you. I love EXO , Roses and The Tale of Genji.



二本線から三本線に #Chanyeol got promoted a month earlier (possibly because he’s a special soldier) from a Private first class to a Corporal his supposed promotion should be on Dec 1st.Proud of you!!❤️ pic.twitter.com/m9BYn5uy2N— 딜라잇 -…


出勤 울 왕자 출근했다!오늘도 화이팅#메이사의노래 #출근길#찬열 #CHANYEOL pic.twitter.com/afyUUqIvcJ— EUN. (@rea1pcy) 2021年11月3日 211103 찬열이 출근❣찬열이 오늘두 발 헛디뎠는데 버스에서 내리자마자 이쪽봐주느라고 바닥 못보고 걸어서 그런거같…